Scalable Route Selection for IPv6 Multihomed Sites

CÚdric de Launois, Steve Uhlig and Olivier Bonaventure

IPv6 multihoming with multiple prefixes increases the number of paths available between multihomed sites. Selecting the path with the lowest delay is important for many interactive and real-time applications. We propose in this paper to use a network coordinate system as a scalable an efficient way to help hosts in IPv6 multihomed sites in selecting the best source and destination IPv6 prefixes. Relying on RTT measurements from the RIPE NCC data set, our experiments show that, using synthetic coordinates, all paths with really bad delays can be avoided. Moreover, we are able to select paths with a delay at most 20% worse than the lowest delay for more than 85% of the pairs of multihomed sites. A second contribution is SVivaldi, an improved version of the Vivaldi distributed algorithm for computing synthetic coordinates. We show that SVivaldi produces more accurate coordinates and is able to stablilize Vivaldi's coordinates.
Submitted to Networking 2005, Waterloo, Ontario , Canada, May 2005.

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