The NAROS Approach for IPv6 Multihoming with Traffic Engineering

CÚdric de Launois, Olivier Bonaventure and Marc Lobelle

Once multihomed, an IPv6 site usually wants to engineer its interdomain traffic. We propose that IPv6 multihomed hosts inquire a so called ``Name, Address and ROute System'' (NAROS) to determine the source and destination addresses to use to contact a destination node. By selecting these addresses, the NAROS server roughly determines the routing. It thereby provides features like traffic engineering and fault tolerance, without transmitting any BGP advertisement and without impacting on the worldwide routing table size. The performance of the NAROS server is evaluated by using trace-driven simulations. We show that the the load on the NAROS server is reasonable and that we can obtain good load-balancing performances.
In 4th COST 263 International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services (QoFIS 2003), Stockholm, Sweden, October 2003.

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